Is Ginger Good For Osteoarthritis?

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Ginger can help with osteoarthritis by increasing circulation. Studies have shown that increased circulation will allow for increased flexibility of the joints, which is what you are looking for as an arthritis solution.

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It’s well established that ginger linens mobility and reduces feelings of pain. When you drink ginger tea before exercising, it helps to loosen stiff muscles and injuries, increases blood flow to the heart and lowers your cholesterol levels.

The spicy flavor has also been shown to decrease nausea during chemotherapy treatments, fight bacterial infections naturally (even if they resist antibiotics), slow digestion after eating heavy meals ,and reduce morning sickness among pregnant women.

Ginger can help with osteoarthritis by alleviating pain, reducing inflammation and improving joint mobility.

Ginger is a useful remedy for musculoskeletal and arthritic conditions because it has anti-inflammatory and analgesic (pain-relieving) properties. The spice also stimulates circulation of blood to muscles of the body — good for treating muscle aches that happen as a result of arthritis or just from overexertion during exercise.

Major benefits of ginger are: ginger lessens discomfort in knees, decreases swelling of ankles due to high blood pressure, eases menstrual cramps, relieves nausea and indigestion, suppresses coughs and colds, cures bronchitis.

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