If you have ever had a baby, you know the excitement, happiness, and gratitude you have on that day and beyond.

Thank you very much to all the readers, authors, family, friends, and enemies who directly and/or indirectly encouraged me to keep working smart till I successfully finished writing and publishing…

He read the email quietly for the second time. After a few seconds he started laughing loudly and uncontrollably. Tears of laughter flooded his cheeks.

All people in the office went to his desk to find out what had tickled him.

“What are you laughing at, Paul?” I asked.

He just pointed at the computer screen and kept on laughing his lungs out.

On his computer was this email which read:

“Thank you for lending me those twenty-five dollar bills last week. I deposited the $100 into your bank account this morning. …

“Mom! Mom! Mom! Dad is about to cut me!” My seven-year-old son, Ethan, shouted at the top of his voice after reading the first part of the title above.

I immediately minimised the page, opened a blank one and typed, ‘Let’s cut, Ethan.’ We started cutting the watermelon and before we finished cutting the first slice, his mom was already standing at the kitchen door.

Before she said anything, I opened the previous page and added to it, ‘How a comma saves lives.’ We all read it aloud at the same time and laughed our lungs out.

I decided to…

“woman on a table writing on white notebook beside white iPhone” by rawpixel on Unsplash

When I started writing nobody read my articles. Some just clicked on them and left before even reading the title, let alone the first sentence. They ran away quick. I never dreamed of getting even a single ‘clap’ or ‘like’ because no matter how many clicks I got on my story, the number of readers was zero. Nobody read my writing. If there was a junk or spam story folder on people’s profiles like on email, I think those folders would be full of my stories.

I don’t mean that I spammed people with stories and neither do I mean…

Takarudana Mapendembe

Writer of "Work Smart and Become Rich" available on https://amzn.to/3uIO6gb

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